Every parent today is looking to offer their children the best education opportunities and catapult them into great careers. They are looking for ways to empower their children to gain entry into the best educational institutions and would leave no stone unturned to ensure that they receive the best coaching available to get there. Most students of the Science stream, today, are willing to compete with the best to get into the Indian Institute of technology (IIT) which is the natural choice when it comes to Engineering graduation.

IIT is the undisputed leader in the area of technical education in India and students from across the world are vying for a seat in these prestigious institutions. Competition is highly intense to enter this institution. Most students undergo full-time tutoring by the best coaching centers in order to emerge victorious in the IIT’s entrance examinations.

In India, the students have multiple options available to undergo preparations for such competitive exams. However, the students pursuing CBSE curriculum in various Indian schools in Oman are missing the benefit of such coaching and hence are forced to relocate to schools in India after completing 10th grade, or resort to other formats of coaching such as crash courses in India or self-practice tests.